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We are going to show you how to unblock pages, which methods to use, point out the differences.

Our service is absolutely free, there is no hidden costs to use it. As soon as you click the UNBLOCK button you will directed to the website you need. If you are worried that you would need to download any special software, this is not the case — you won’t even have to change any settings on your device.

3. Google Translate Unblocking Option

Did you know that every time you use Google Translate you actually use a Proxy? Visit, pick up the language you prefer, set English as the target one. The next step is to insert the link to the website you want to unblock, for example: . After that press Translate button.

The vast majority of the engines do not block Google Translate. You might come across with the issue of using proxies though, — they can break functionality of some of the websites.



4. Alternative method to unblock — use DNS servers

Domain Name Servers (DNS) makes it possible to find a way from your device to the website you are willing to access, to their servers. In order to perform internet filtering DNS are often hijacked. The default settings of the computers are configured to using ISP servers, which in their turn are provided by ISP. You have an option of changing this setting and to start using DNS, which are being operated by a neutral party and are absolutely free of any censorship that will close some websites from you.

If you would like to check if your computer settings have DNS based filters on, you would need to do the following:

Procedure for Windows:

Step 1. Open Menu

Step 2. Select «Run»

Step 3. Type «cmd»

Step 4. Press «Enter» button.

Procedure for MAC:

Step 1. Run Terminal from Applications

Step 2. Select «Utilities»

Step 3. When consoles window opens type «ping»

Step 4. Press «Enter»

You will see the number, which will be the IP of the server for example. The number will be in square brackets. In case you see numbers, like,, it means you DNS requests are hijacked.

There is a way out to avoid that. You can simply switch to Google public DNS, given that the filter doesn’t apply several methods to block at the same time.

C:\Documents and Settings\User>ping
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data

If you are up to changing the DNS servers, you would need to have administrative rights, which allows to make changes on your computer.

5. Using Hola Unlimited Free VPN Service for unblocking the websites

Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions, Hola Unlimited Free VPN ( ) allows to access video channels, like CBS, Pandora, Netflix in those countries which are blocked in your current location. With this service you can watch videos in the USA and UK for example. This service also protects privacy.

6. Secure connection via Hotspot Shield

Free to use, ( Hotspot Shield VPN Chrome) allows unlimited bandwidth. With this service you can get access to the blocked websites from 5 virtual locations: Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, and USA. Hotspot Shield provides secure banking level encryption, bypass firewalls and anonymous browsing.

7. Trickbyte VPN

With Trickbyte you can also watch your favourite movies, on Spotify, Hulu, NBC. ( ) They are using cloud based server, offer high speed stable connection. You can sign up for a free 14 days to test the service and pay afterwards to subscribe for a longer period of time. 

8. Setting encrypted tunnel — another option to unblock

Using encrypted tunnel implies that all of your traffic will be encrypted and sent via a remote server or several remote servers. The local network administrator, ISP and the government will not the able to track it. It will become invisible for the filters.


Most popular technologies to use encrypted channels — VPN


Virtual Private Network or VPN imitates the LAN connection between your device and the other part server. All the traffic is redirected via this connection. One of the benefits of using this type of connection is that any action performed by the programs on your computer that connects with Internet does it via the encrypted channel.

In comparison to other alternative methods using VPN is a faster way to connect. There are number of free sources for VPN connection, but the speed of such services may be too far from a good one. In order to get a really good VPN connection you would have to pay. If you are ready to purchase a good VPN service, here is the one we recommend. (

There is another option of using free VPN connection, known as Tor. This is a volunteer — ran network, anonymous one.